Annually, during the company’s summer holidays, TBHN organized environmental activity. That is collecting waste on the beach and the mountain where we go to on summer holidays.

17 September 2015

On 13 September 2015, TBPC members create activity by singing and dancing with the less privilege old members of the society in a simple program.

13 September 2015

In order to support the education of students, on 14 August 2015 TBGT creates donation activity by donate money to Bankaosaton school.

14 August 2015

As in every important period of time such as Father Day, Mother Day or Anniversary of company, 'The Red cross' from Chonburi Province will join with TBFST

14 August 2015

On 6 and 7 of August at Sport ground at Jame UI Uloom School, M.NHalli TBI has been donating 792 medals for Bidadi Hobli level in order to encourage children to participate in sporting activities and build the competitive spirit.

06 August 2015

A dust explosion occurred at a water park in New Taipei City in Taiwan on June 27th, making numerous people dead and injured. To share the mutual concern, SSS made a donation of NT$ 113,300 of our own accord by 150 employees and NT$ 116,700 donated by company.

22 July 2015
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