Seat Frame (Welding) Supervisor

Seat Frame (Welding) Supervisor


• Planning and control design process of seat frame in domestic and overseas by considering investment cost and capacity
• Check the document of equipment and machine. Also check production process and quality from start to finish
• Problem solving that affect to equipment and machine which will affect to quality of production
• Create and develop for reduced investment cost such as reduced machine size for reduced layout space and operation
• Create and develop for equipment and machine standard for reduced lead time to preparation
• Seek new technology or system to level up productive for building the confidence and satisfaction for customers.


• Male-Female, Thai Nationality.
• Age 23-30 years old.
• Bachelor’s degree or Higher in Production Engineering or related field.
• 0–6 year experience in the production field
• TOEIC score at least 470
• Good command of English and Japanese is preferable.

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