Be Joyful

Be Energized


The car is specially and delicately designed for Modernization and Adaptation to the current situation.

Let’s Share New Normal Life​

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the concept of living in a new normal lifestyle is globally introduced and complied.

As an automotive part manufacturer, we adapt the concept to our products such as seat, door trim, and lighting components.

All of these will comport passengers while driving the car and sharing the quality moment and time together.

Let’s Save Our Planet

As sea pollution and climate Change is an important issue in the society, it needs everyone’s attention to save our planet. 

Nowadays many people and organizations try to raise awareness of the issue to the society.

Special Product

Exterior car

During the pandemic, people are likely to develop stress, fatigue, and confusion when facing this challenging time. As an automotive part manufacturer, we would like to deliver positive energy to everyone through the design of our car.

With the vibrant colors and cheerful design, it can change people’s mood while seeing it on the road even it’s just a second.

Interior car

Change the color of the top door trim and instrument panel from black to white.

The bright colors will make the car look more luxurious and match with seat design concept.


The color of seat is about social movement about sea pollution.
There are many tons of plastic end up at the sea and become a global crisis. The pollutions has an effect on wildlife.

So, we use the color of the sea to tell our society to save our sea with our awareness.


Seat covering is developed by using PU skin with antibacterial coating.

The coating will prevent and inhibit bacterial growth on seat.

Air filter

Cabin Air filter

Ambient Light

Display light

UVC (Sterilization)

Yellow light (Repel mosquito)

Light show at I/P
and door trim
Adjust light easily with
26 colors by remote control
Three automatic modes :
brightness, speed and ?

Display light​

The ambient lighting has become a trend. The need for having ambient lighting in cars goes beyond aesthetics.
There’s a study by BMW showed that ambient lighting helps increase spatial perception for the driver, eliminates fatigue and increases alertness.

UV-c Light
Turn on when door closing
and no being found
Turn on at I/P, door trip
and floor carpet
Automatically turn off
after 10 mins


UV-C radiation is a disinfectant for air, water, and surfaces. UV-C is effective at destroying and deactivating all kinds of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Yellow Light
Turn on at I/P, door trip
and floor carpet
turn on and off

Yellow light

The yellow light with wavelengths over 500-600 nanometers (nm) (without UV) make it more difficult for mosquito to see.

The result mosquito will not fly in these kind of light around 2-6 meter.

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