With thai tradition

The daytime are shown with the white background decorated with the famous landmark in Thailand. The landmark are designed to use Red, orange and Yellow colour which give the meaning of powerful


  • EXTERIOR concept
    EXTERIOR concept
  • SEAT with Thai pattern
    SEAT with Thai pattern
  • Touch seat switch
    Touch seat switch
  • Active driver engagement system
    Active driver engagement system
  • Embroider Door trim
    Embroider Door trim
  • Ambient Headlining
    Ambient Headlining
  • Sun visor with TPMS
    Sun visor with TPMS

Seat decorated with
Thai pattern


White seat design by combination between Thai pattern fabric, image of Wat-A-Run and Thai culture of colour.

Phum-Kao-Bin is a Thai pattern that means fertility and well-being. And it is the important basis pattern for artists to create and extend to other Thai pattern design. So, it also means the creativity.


a famous temple in TH is renowned for its white color encrusted with colorful pocelain.

Touch Switch 

Comfortable to adjust passenger seat
with touch switch on itself by driver.

Thai color culture

Thais give the especial meaning of each color and believe that
the color will bring luck to ourselves.

Red : power and energetic
Gold : luxuriance
White : peace and pure



Active Driver Engagement System

The system that can actively monitor the driver’s fatigue level in real time for prevention of accidents. The RRI(heartbeat) information detected from electrocardiography information by a sensor with a build in seat and presented by electrocardiogram and drowsiness level on screen in the real time.

Door trim embroider with Thai pattern

Fulfill the feeling of luxury with a black door trim with a white PVC ornament which decorated by red Thai pattern thread.

Door trim embroider with Thai pattern

Fulfill the feeling of luxury with a black door trim with a white PVC ornament which decorated by red Thai pattern thread.

Ambient lighting for headlining
Black Headlining with warm light dot is inspired by the sky lanterns from Yi-Peng festival (Loy-Krathong) of Northern Thailand. During the festival, the paper lanterns are adorned houses and temples and thousands of the sky lanterns are released into the sky during the night.
Inspiration of the festival
atmosphere becomes to light dot on H/L. Passenger will be amazed at first when they get in car then they will feel warmth and cozy which similar to feeling when they are in the festival.

Sunvisor with TPMS


The tire pressure and the air temperature from TPMS transmitter installed inside the tire wheel are displayed on sunvisor mirror. If an abnormality occurs in the tire, an alarm sound and light will notify at the same time.

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