Toyota Boshoku's Materiality

At the Toyota Boshoku group, as we strive to transform from CSR*1 to CSV*2 management, we have been enhancing our corporate value by contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society through our core business. This way of thinking can be deemed the business spirit of ‘for the world and for people’, inheriting for generations from the Principles of Toyoda that are Toyota Boshoku group’s company creed.

In moving towards enhancing corporate value, we formulated the materiality as ‘the Toyota Boshoku group prioritises the identification and resolution of important social issues that it prioritises in its core business among various social issues’.
Toyota Boshoku’s materiality is periodically reviewed by the CSV Promotion Meeting, which takes changes in the business environment into account and effects appropriate revisions. We also devised a mid-term business plan oriented towards achieving materiality, and are monitoring progress and conducting follow-up by means of the KPI Tree of Business Management Structure.

  • 1 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 2 Creating Shared Value
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