ased on the Principles of Toyoda, which encapsulate the ideas of founder Sakichi Toyoda, the Toyota Boshoku group formulated our corporate philosophy for maintaining the trust of all stakeholders and our Vision, which articulates the type of company we aspire to become.

With the corporate philosophy and Vision serving as a framework, we have established clear policies, targets and plans for our business, social and environmental activities. We have also formulated the TB Way and the Toyota Boshoku group code of conduct to ensure that all company members share common values and behaviour.

Principles of Toyoda

Handing down the spirit of Sakichi Toyoda (established in 1935)

  • Always be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to the company and to the overall good.
  • Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times.
  • Always be practical and avoid frivolousness.
  • Always strive to build a homelike atmosphere at work that is warm and friendly.
  • Always have respect for spiritual matters, and remember to be grateful at all times.

Corporate Philosophy

Toyota Boshoku aims to continue developing as a company that contributes to society and grow in harmony with our local communities as a good corporate citizen. We have instituted the Toyota Boshoku Fundamental Principles so that we may continue to enjoy the trust of our shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders. We shall fulfill our corporate responsibilities through company activities based on these principles.

1. Society

The Company will promote corporate growth while fulfiling the following responsibilities as a good
corporate citizen:

(1) Maintain ethical values, ensuring that our corporate activities are fair and transparent;
(2) Supply safe products that do not harm the environment
      Promote corporate activities that help protect the global environment.
(3) Create a better society as a member of our local communities.

2. Customers

The Company will develop innovative technologies and products to deliver quality that satisfies our customers.

3. Shareholders

The Company will promote innovative management policies that ensure future corporate growth and the trust of our shareholders.

4. Employees

The Company will build and maintain positive labour-management relations, respect the individuality of its employees and create safe and comfortable workplaces.

5. Business partners

The Company will promote open and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners in pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity.

Code of Conduct

As members of the Toyota Boshoku Group, we declare that we will observe rules and carry out sensible actions in accordance with this code of conduct.

1. Business activities

  1. Dealings with customers
  2. Dealings with suppliers
  3. Dealings with political parties and public agencies
  4. How to respond to anti-social forces
  5. Ensuring safety and quality
  6. Consideration of the environment
  7. Global business activities
  8. Protection of company assets
  9. Respect for intellectual property rights
  10. Handling of confidential information

2. Relations between employees and the company

  1. Global human resources development
  2. How to build a meaningful workplace
  3. Prohibition of illegal and antisocial acts

3. As members of society

  1. A healthy social lifestyle
  2. Contribution to society
  3. Corporate information and publicity
  4. Insider trading
  5. Traffic safety

TB Way​

We contribute to society by developing leading-edge technologies and manufacturing high-quality products.


Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior space that will inspire our customers the world over.

The company we aim to become

We distribute to our stakeholders what we achieve by enhancing economic value and enhancing
corporate value on a mid-to-long-term basis by re-investing towards growth.

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