In Vietnam, on the occasion of Lunar New Year, every people get holidays, go home and prepaire for party with their friends, parents and their family (they buy new clothes for children, delicious food, visit each other and have party together).

29 January 2016

The second Saturday in January of every year is Children Day in Thailand. Almost company create acivity for children as well as STB.

15 January 2016

Refer to Shin San Shin (SSS) renewed the tables and chairs in the employee mess hall, they took this great opportunity to donate all tables and chairs to “Taoyuan Shengai Education and Nursing Institute” and “Hsiang Yuan Memorial Institute” on January 10th, 2016.

10 January 2016

As in every children day on the 2nd of Saturday of January we create an activity to give the children thing and make a happiness.

08 January 2016

Due to Thailand Children day activity in every 2nd of Saturday in January, many private company created any activity to make children around their place feel happy and fun.

08 January 2016

5 volunteers of TBPC helped in the kitchen and serving meal to the old tenants at the home for the aged if Tahanan ni Maira.

27 December 2015
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