Unused boxes and cartons donation for paper beds of field hospital

As the number of COVID-19 infected patients is continuously increasing,

the field hospitals must be set up nationwide to provide immediate treatment for patients throughout the country.

Due to its lightweight and flexibility, SCG Packaging is pleased to accept all donated unused boxes in order to make a bed for field hospitals.

In order to be a part of society that helps the country get through this challenging situation,

Toyota Boshoku Asia donated 100 unused boxes and cartons to SCG Packaging company for paper bed installation at field hospitals throughout Thailand.

The staff will transform the cardboard to a bed, without glue for the patients and it takes only 8 minutes for the installation.

There are around 100 field hospitals across Thailand and each has 200-300 paper beds.

We are delighted to be a part of a society that supports everyone during this difficult time with the hope that we will soon get back to a normal situation.

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